Monday, April 25, 2022

Bird watching at sunset on the Tennessee River (Lake Nickajack)

We are lucky to have friends who are avid bird watchers. Their favorite place to see eagles, double-crested cormorants and herons is on Pryors Island, near Bennett Lake on the Tennessee River (Daymark 433, just before the stretch of river known as the "Grand Canyon of the Tennessee." Amazing scenery and wildlife await as you navigate the twists and turns of the Tennessee River into Chattanooga. To learn more about the abundance of wildlife on the river, check out the TWRA website

We have had the pleasure to go bird watching with our friends many a time. Last Saturday was a perfect spring day, and after dinner, we went out for a sunset cruise. Armed with a new phone, I was able to get some good shots of the pretty sky and birds. 
Just passed Bennett Lake (from a previous cruise one summer)

I was very pleased with the results. Your thoughts?

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Step into Spring

What a difference a day makes!
Spring has finally sprung! I am so glad I got to see the blossoming cherry trees along Broad Street in downtown Chattanooga yesterday. 
Cherry trees in the median of Broad Street leading to the aquarium
It was a perfect spring day; the 80 degrees F temperature actually felt 20 degrees cooler due to the high winds blowing across East Tennessee. Not that we mind, but the 25 mph-wind was rocking the boat all day long! Weather like this always reminds me of the tornadoes that hit the marina eleven years ago. The severe weather did spawn tornadoes in neighboring states. We're lucky and grateful nothing major developed here. Ahhh, such is life in the south. 

This morning I got up an hour before sunrise, hoping to see the planets Mars, Venus and Saturn cluster together. And this was what I saw.

Dark clouds so heavy you couldn't see a thing! It was disappointing, for sure. At least it didn't rain, and the sun came out in the afternoon. The wind has died down somewhat; sunny days are ahead.

And how was your day?