Tuesday, March 20, 2018

First day of Spring!

As I peruse the posts on my blog, I realize March is actually quite cold and often brings some of the nastiest weather. So even though today is officially the first day of spring, don't put those winter  clothing away just yet. Temperatures in our area for the next few nights will be in the low 30s :-(

On the way back from an errand yesterday afternoon, we saw the brightest and most intense rainbow ever! It was so mesmerizing that a pickup truck and an 18-wheeler drove into the median ditch. Like several drivers, we also pulled over to take some pictures.

Severe weather had ravaged some parts of Alabama last night. We had our share of the storm - high winds and wicked thunderstorms so loud it was downright scary.

A nor'easter is now heading towards the northeast, from Washington, D.C. to Maine, with up to a foot of snow and strong winds in the forecast for tomorrow. Mind you, this is the fourth nor'easter this month! A friend in New Jersey said they lost power for three days during the last storm. Hopefully this one will be tamer.

What's your experience with rainbows?

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