Friday, April 9, 2010

Yosemite National Park in the Spring

Our wake-up scenery of Yosemite Fall
Two weeks ago, I wrote and published Waterfall Guide to Vernal Fall, Yosemite National Park to the now defunct AssociatedContent, where I was a featured Travel Contributor. My husband and I hiked Vernal Fall years ago. We went to Yosemite National Park the last week of April that year, and it had snowed two days prior to our arrival. Luckily, the warm temperature quickly melted the snow, resulting in a high volume of water gushing down the waterfalls. Without a doubt, spring is the best time to see these magnificent waterfalls.
Vernal Fall
Ice floating down the river behind our cabin
Such was not the case for my sister-in-law and family when they visited Yosemite National Park last week. When they got to the park, it was snowing pretty heavily. They took buses around the park and enjoyed some jaw-dropping scenery. Here are some of the awesome pictures they took.
Yosemite Fall
Half Dome
Ahwahnee Hotel at Yosemite National Park
Of all the national parks I have visited, Yosemite National Park is my all-time favorite. No matter what season you go, you will be greeted with breathtaking scenery throughout the valley. It is truly a photographer's paradise.

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