Friday, March 2, 2012

Tornado strikes Hales Bar Marina, again

A severe weather system is sweeping across the south, sparking violent tornadoes from Alabama to Kentucky. While I was making lunch, I learned there was a tornado watch and later warning for our area. One tornado had already touched down in the town not far from the marina. We gobbled our lunch, packed some of our stuff and seeked shelter at the tunnel that leads to the old dam (the safest place at the marina). After last year’s storm, we take these warnings seriously. Within a half hour, winds churned violently above us, followed by heavy rain and hail. In 5 minutes or less, it was gone. It moved to the northside of the marina, tearing up the roof and a finger pier on 1 dock, moving the breakwater (containers that were strung together?) and overturning an RV before destroying trees along its path up the hill.

Here are some pictures of the damages, taken around 2 p.m.:

We hid behind the blue door that leads to the tunnel of the old lock and dam
Breakwater on the northside of the old lock moved from its original location
Warped roof at the end of A Dock
Finger pier sitting on Shelley's aft, at the end of A Dock
Overturned RV at the campground

Tornadoes are scary in that you never know where it's going to hit. All you can do is find some place safe to hide. The problem is when it comes through at night, where do you hide on a boat? Let's hope it'll die down before dark so we can all have a good night's sleep. Stay safe, y'all!

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