Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Port of Call: Rockport, Massachusetts

Did you know that the comedy/romance movie The Proposal by Sandra Bullock was filmed in Rockport, Massachusetts?

I had seen the movie years ago, and loved the scenery.  So when two of my movie buff aunts told me they were going on an Alaskan cruise next month, I got them to watch The Proposal. I thought I recognized the iconic fishing shack at Bradley Wharf, where Sandra Bullock climbed down the ladder to the boat after she and her fiance arrived at Sitka, Alaska, about 30 minutes into the movie.

Motif Number 1
The scene looked awfully familiar. Around this time last year I had visited Rockport (by car), and had taken a ton of pictures of the picturesque town, harbor and the fish shack. Also known as Motif Number 1, the red fishing shack is the most painted building in America. You may have unknowingly seen it in magazines, calendars, on a stamp, artwork and other commercial products.

Rockport Harbor on a beautiful summer day

Don't remember where we ate, but this place came highly recommended
Taking a break after strolling around BearSkin Neck
New England seaside towns are very charming, and Rockport is no exception. The main drag Bearskin Neck is lined with interesting shops, art galleries and restaurants.

If you love art, you need to make the 15 minutes (5 miles) drive over to Rocky Neck Art Colony in Gloucester to check out the myriad galleries housed in cute cottages. Gloucester proper is also famed for its sweeping harbor views, fishing, and yep, location of yet another movie The Perfect Storm.

View at Rocky Neck
Y'all have a great summer!

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Monday, April 25, 2016

A day in the life of a liveaboard, part 4

It has been said that the happiest day of your life is buying a boat, and the second happiest day of your life is selling your boat. Over the last dozen years, we saw several friends celebrating the latter and getting out of boating totally while others swapped for a different boat. This weekend, we helped our friends Mark and Judy usher in their new yacht Windarra to their old slip. We shared a nice dinner afterwards but forgot the champagne. Sorry!
Windarra was in Hula Girl's slip back in 2007
one last picture of the proud owners before departing Goose Pond Marina
The head of the welcoming committee waiting patiently
Here she comes!
Our Facebook friends might recall that six weeks ago, we were fascinated by a pair of ducks that hung out on the dock next to ours. They had scouted around and found a safe haven. They worked hard to make a comfortable nest. After they settled, they came and laid an egg every day, and we posted those pictures on Facebook. Turned out the location wasn't such a safe place afterall. One morning, the tub with 15 eggs were (poof!) all gone. Just like that. The 12 eggs in the other tub were intact, but sadly, the ducks never returned. Soon the crows came and ate all of them eggs.

Had that not happened, we would have ducklings right about now! This is the video I took when the ducklings did hatch that one year, way back in 2009. Such is life at the marina.

Congratulations again, Mark and Judy! We look forward to some fun times on the river.

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