Sunday, September 10, 2017

Weekend Reflections: College Football and Hurricane Irma

While our marina friends were watching college football Saturday,
Previous owners of A Whale of a Tale are passionate fans of the Georgia Bulldog (U of GA)
Hula Girl cheering for the Tennessee Volunteers (U of TN)

Mojo and company rooting for the TN Vols as well
Czech Mate watching the Nebraska Cornhuskers (U of NE-Lincoln)
we were watching the hummingbirds.

Several weeks ago, we had put out three feeders, and were so excited when one came to visit! Now a total of four come by everyday. They are territorial, standing guard at "their" feeder, chasing others away when they come near it. Is is a joy to watch these tiny creatures zip up and down, back and forth with such precision. Many a times, it hovers right in front of our windows, as if to say "look at me, take my picture." We wonder if they can sense a storm coming, and get out of here before it arrives? They usually leave some time this month to S. America, where they spend the winter.
A male ruby-throated hummingbird at one of our feeders

And we're keeping a close eye on monster Hurricane Irma, currently barreling towards the Keys this Sunday morning. We have families and friends all along the Florida west coast - the Tampa Bay area, Ft Myers, Marco Island, and on the east coast - Heathrow, Daytona Beach, Palm Beach and Ft Lauderdale. We hope they stay safe and dry. Keeping our fingers crossed for minimal damage in Florida.

The south won! The TN Volunteers is on a roll, having won 2 games in a row (42-7 against Indiana State), the NE Cornhuskers lost to Oregon (35-42), Georgia Bulldogs won 20-19 against Notre Dame.

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