Friday, September 30, 2011

College football rivalry - Georgia Tech vs Kansas

Fall is for football.

College football, that is. The rivalry between Georgia and Tennessee fans on our dock at the marina has given us many clues that football is a big part of the culture in the South. We got a taste of it a couple of weekends ago at the Bobby Dodd Stadium in Georgia Tech, Atlanta, our first football game ever. We had fantastic second row seats, right in front of the Georgia Tech team, so we could see everything that was going on with the team and its coach.

Our day started out meeting our friends at the MARTA Lenox Square station (a little more than two hours' drive for us) on the Gold Line, where we parked our cars. A short ride on the subway took us to North Avenue Station. From there, it was a short walk to the Georgia Tech campus. We stopped at the Barnes and Noble Starbucks for some much needed caffeine and donuts.

Recharged, we roamed around the campus. As we headed towards the stadium, we passed by rows of tailgate parties that were clearly in full swing. Tailgate parties are as much a part of the football experience as the game itself. This part, I dig, very well. The game, we're still learning about it.
Revelers tailgating before the game
at Yellow Jacket Alley, outside the Bobby Dodd Stadium
The Georgia Tech Marching Band and Yellow Jackets
The cheering Yellow Jackets
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets won big
It is definitely more exciting watching the game at the stadium than on TV. Following the ball, and seeing a player score a touchdown is so much more exciting! The fans, the cheerleaders, the camaraderie, the noise, the band and the music - these vibes in the stadium are unbelievably energetic, vibrant and fun. Will we go to a football, make that college football, game again? Definitely!

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