Monday, August 26, 2013

Beersheba Springs Arts and Craft Festival

We're always looking for new places to explore or hike, so when friends suggested the Beersheba Springs Arts and Craft Festival this Saturday, we were in.

Brochures and pamphlets of Beersheba Springs
Beersheba Spring Hotel, now the United Methodist Assembly
Overlook from the old hotel

About an hour north of the marina in southeast Tennessee, Beersheba Springs was a posh summer resort, complete with a hotel, log cabins and cottages. In the 1850s, well-to-do families from the Chattanooga area made their annual trek here to escape the summer heat. After the Civil War (1861-1865), the number of visitors declined considerably. The Methodist Church acquired the resort in 1940 and used it for retreats and summer camps. The camp is now home to the arts and craft festival. Beersheba Springs saw its population (less than 500) ballooned this weekend, what with over 150 vendors offering a variety of original arts and crafts and home-produced items. 
Dining room, where we had lunch
There were food vendors galore, but we opted to eat at the inn's dining room. You had to purchase the $10 meal ticket in advance. It was family-style (or cafeteria-style) where you're served the main course. Saturday's lunch featured meat or vegetarian lasagna served with a slice of bread.  The sides include a nice salad bar and banana pudding for dessert. For drinks, we had sweet tea and coffee. We enjoyed the simple but delicious fare, in the cool air-conditioned dining room, its walls adorned with nice pictures and historical artifacts.

Carpenter Bee catchers
Fall is around the corner ...

For the artist gardener
Arts anyware!
Bird feeders
rocking chairs outside the dining room
How was your weekend?

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  1. What a fun place to visit and relax. I love to look for different activities and places to explore with the kids too. :) Thanks for sharing your adventure.