Friday, July 5, 2013

A Rainy Fourth of July (sadly, no fireworks)

In the early 80s, I made a roadtrip from Boston to Florida, and one memorable rest stop was South of the Border, the Mexican-theme complex on I-95 between the states of North and South Carolina. There were shops, restaurants, a motel, an amusement park and a large observation tower that is shaped like a sombrero, with neon colors and lights at night that you can see from miles away. The fireworks store was an eye opener because it's illegal to buy fireworks in the north.

Now, I live in a state where it is legal to purchase fireworks. As a matter of fact, there is a huge fireworks supermarket (Big Daddy's Fireworks) near my marina. I pass by it every time I go to Chattanooga. It got my curiosity piqued, so I went to check it out one day. Almost everything I looked at is from China. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Afterall, China invented the fireworks back in the 7th century (read who invented the fireworks here). If there is one product the Chinese is excellent at making, it has got to be their fireworks. You would agree after you watch this incredible video of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo opening ceremony fireworks. I was mesmerized with the barges, lined up along the HuangPu River, shooting fireworks into the sky, with the pyrotechniques and the fountains synchronizing with the music. Watch the video in full screen, click away the ad, and let the awesome fireworks show blow you away. It is almost 11 minutes long, but don't miss the part at 4:08 and the grand finale at 8:05.

It's unfortunate that this Fourth of July was a wet one. Most area fireworks shows were cancelled, including Chattanooga's festive Pops on the River, which was scheduled for July 3. Hales Bar Marina normally puts on a good show too, but not this Fourth of July. And probably not today, as the forecast calls for more rain. Here are my favorite pictures from a previous Fourth of July Pops on the River.

July 4 with Pops on the River

Looking at Coolidge Park from Walnut Steet Bridge

Anchored boats awaiting the festivities - music and fireworks
Hope y'all had a good Fourth of July!

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  1. We in the US celebrate on the Fourth with Fireworks - alliterative companions for FREEDOM - the alpha and omega of this Independence holiday celebration. In France it's the Fourteenth ... and different days elsewhere. Regardless of the date ... the joyous sounds and spirit of FREEDOM ring!

    We've enjoyed several of these with y'all ... looking forward to future celebrations together