Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A day in the life of a liveaboard, part 6

Nature abounds on the river. While we were out of town, a neighbor was watering our plants and saw this in one of our flower pots.

We were thrilled. When we returned to the boat, we kept a close eye on the mama duck and her eggs. We also hung two hummingbird feeders on the boat railing, and were delighted to see one come often. Not so happy to see the mayflies. They arrived in swarms a couple of nights ago, and have littered everywhere. They're not as bad as other years. At least not yet.
Mayflies (the black stuff) clinging onto a friend's boat one year
We didn't dare to wash down the boat for fear of disturbing the mother duck who was dutifully incubating her eggs. Last evening, we checked on the mama duck and saw something moving. It was a little duckling! From previous experience, we knew that the next day, more will hatch and they'll be gone. So early this morning, the first mate was ready for action. Sadly only two out of seven eggs hatched. Watch the video for rest of the story.

And how was your day?

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