Friday, February 13, 2015

Hiking Raccoon Mountain with Simba

Old Man Winter is going full steam ahead, blasting the northeast with one storm after another. As if one blizzard is not enough, another one is forecast for this weekend. We feel for our friends and family up there. Stay warm and be safe, y'all!
the street outside my sister-in-law's condo in Brookline
her car in the parking lot
As I write this, it's 25 degrees F outside (feels like 15 with 10 mph wind from the ENE), so we're not faring that much better. Yes, it's COLD, but at least, there's no snow to dig out of.

It was a good thing we took advantage of the nice weather last Saturday and went hiking with our buddies and their pomeranian Simba at nearby Raccoon Mountain.
Our gang with the adorable pomeranian Simba
View of the Tennessee River
Woodpecker's artwork?
The nice sunny weather had people come out of hibernation. I've never seen so many people hiking and biking the trails at Raccoon Mountain! The visitor center was still closed, but at the Laurel Point parking lot, they have added more facilities - water fountains, benches to sit and rest, and even tools to fix your bikes (see video)! The restrooms were closed for the season, but there were porta potties in a couple of locations. Two years ago, we were awed by a buck galloping across this same parking lot. No such luck this time :-(!

Stay warm wherever you are. Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Chinese New Year (Feb 19), and if you're lucky to be in Miami this weekend, check out the biggest boat show in town!

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