Monday, November 3, 2014

No treats, just tricks this Halloween Weekend

We always knew that no matter how nice the weather has been, come Halloween Mother Nature would point its magic wand and blast us with a cold spell, so no trick there. What we didn't know was that a few days before Halloween, TVA decided to shut down the Chickamauga Lock (for repairs or so they say. The TVA visitor center at Raccoon Mountain was closed for 2 years!).

Boaters from the other side of the lock (Irwin and Island Cove Marina) who had planned for months to cruise down here for the annual color cruise/Halloween party had to cancel. We were all looking forward to the big bash so needless to say, we were crestfallen.

On Friday evening, the temperature dipped to the low 40s. Rain started pelting with winds gusting to 20 mph. The marina was a ghost town.  But the party must go on. The six of us dock neighbors huddled around the fire on Steve's newly built table to keep warm. As we sat down to enjoy our Low Country Boil dinner, the winds kicked up a notch, gusting every so often. It was COLD. Brrrr. We hastily ate our dinner and retired to Cellar Door for coffee and dessert. High winds continued to rock our boats until the next morning.

Also happening last week the cable company Charter decided to change the way it does business. Every customer with an account with the company has to get a cable box to be able to watch TV. Those of us who don't and relied on the marina for cable - yeah, most of us boaters, RVers and cabin rentals - now have no TV. No treat or trick here. Not that we enjoy listening to news of ISIS and ebola over and over and over. Thank God for internet and Roku!

Hope you got more treats than tricks on your Halloween celebration!

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