Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why we love living aboard a boat

When we lived on land (condo or house), we barely knew our neighbors. People schedule their lives up the ying yang so they can't do anything without consulting their appointment calendar.

Living aboard a boat at a marina is totally carefree and laidback. People come and go. For instance, a couple left last week for the Bahamas to help bring their friends' boat back to Florida. Another just left to sail from N. Carolina to the Keys. Last weekend, there was a surprise birthday party for a fellow boater. And last night, a farewell party for another. From spring to fall, there's usually something happening at the marina on the weekends. You get to meet people from all over and from all walks of life; you relax; you party. Life is good. And if you don't like your neighbors or the view or whatever, you can just untie your lines and move to another marina! These are some of the reasons we have lived aboard Mai Thai for over ten years, five in Chattanooga alone.

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