Friday, March 12, 2010

About blogging and Sandhill Cranes

When I left my IT job to go cruising end of year 2000, the tech bubble was beginning to burst. That was the same year I learned about Google as the upcoming search engine. How times have changed in nine years! Today, we are faced with another bubble, the housing bubble, that has almost brought the US economy to a standstill. Google is now a household name, the new standard for search and advertising. The internet has taken a new life of its own. From email to chat and Skype and now blogging and social networking, the world continues to get smaller and smaller. The last couple of years have seen the blogging scene exploded. I had kept my cruising log on Yahoo Geocities, but when it closed last year, I too jumped on the blogging band wagon. I am very late to the game, and there is much to learn.

What I didn't know is that there are so many bloggers out there, blogging about everything from food, writing, photography to career coaching and leadership. What's even more amazing is that many of these bloggers excel in their crafts. One such blogger whose work I highly admire is Jen Yu of Use Real Butter. In her own words, she is "an engineer, scientist, programmer, web designer, photographer, cook, outdoor enthusiast, smartass, and proficient noodler." Wow! After reading her blog, you'd be uttering the same. Not only is she a prolific writer, she is a fabulous cook (her husband is one lucky dude) and an incredible photographer. And I always learn something from her postings.

Recently, Jen posted about a trip she took to the San Luis Valley in Mosca, Co to see the Sandhill Cranes migration and The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. I knew about the Sandhill cranes, but never heard about The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. It sounds like an awesome place to visit! Jen's photography of both locations are absolutely stunning. It inspired me to post about the Florida Sandhill cranes that frequent our yard. Yep, even in overdeveloped Tampa, these gentle birds are often seen grazing our land. I believe they are permanent residents here. You can read more about Sandhill Cranes on Wikipedia.

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  1. These are amazing creatures aren't they! We had a trio of them that used to hang out in my old neighborhood in Sarasota. And have you ever seen a baby sandhill? They are adorable beyond words! Good writing Eileen.