Sunday, August 23, 2009

High Tea in Brandon, Florida

I'd thought I would get off the beaten path and rant and rave for this posting. Part 2 of Tennessee Trip will have to wait.

For several months now, my husband has been complaining about his web widow status. What can I say? There is just so much to do! Blogs to read, forums to comment, articles to write, videos to edit, webs to surf, the list goes on and on. Since I quit work, I spend more time on the computer than I did working as a software developer! When one of the bones in my right elbow started hurting so much it affected my hand and fingers, I decided to spend less time on the PC. There's your reason why I haven't been posting regularly (aside from my writer's block problem.) We spent more time biking, swimming, exploring the beaches in the area, gardening in the yard, reading books (the stuff that you hold in your hand), and watching TV. And it felt good.

The pain in the elbow has lessen somewhat. I am slowly getting back to my video editing. The next big project is working with home videos taken some twenty years ago, most I haven't watch since the taping! I had to borrow an old video camera since two of mine quit working.

Meantime, I did a quick edit on the High Tea video. Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Lynn Kessel, a food blogger and columnist at Tampa Tribune, South Shore edition. She had invited a bunch of her facebook foodie friends to have lunch at the Tea Cup Room in Brandon. We all enjoyed a fun afternoon, meeting new friends, having a cuppa tea in a lovely cottage setting. The food was scrumptious - scones, cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad with cranberries on a croissant (my favorite), and a host of delectable desserts. Yum!

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  1. You did a great job Eileen. You captured the essence of the experience.