Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day weekend at Fort McRae Anchorage

Memorial Day, the last Monday of May, is a federal holiday to honor the men and women who sacrificed  their lives defending our country. The long weekend also traditionally marks the beginng of summer vacations. One of our most memorable Memorial Day weekends was in 2006, when we stumbled upon a lovely anchorage - Fort McRae, near the Pensacola Inlet.
Pensacola Light
Fort McRae Anchorage
When we sighted the number of boats packed in the anchorage, and saw people busy setting up tents on the beach, you get the feeling that this is party central in this neck of the woods.
party-goers setting tents near the Pensacola Inlet
Immediately, World's End and Hadley Harbor, two anchorages we used to hang out in the Boston area, came to mind.
Rafting up with friends at Hadley Harbor one July
At Fort McRae, you can set up campfires and party all night long. Next morning, while the whole gang is still sleeping off the hangovers, you can walk and explore the vast deserted beaches.
Unforgettable memories indeed.

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