Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A day in the life of a liveaboard, part 2

May is a month filled with celebrations - Cinco De Mayo, Mother's Day, birthdays, graduations, anniversary, and at the end of the month, Memorial Day. In the last seven days alone, we've had 4 potluck dinners/parties. Weather wise, the pollen was horrible this season. It was also unpredictable, swinging from spring one day to summer the next, followed by winter temperatures (low 50s) in between. Considering some places had wild fires (north San Diego), snow (Denver), tornadoes (the midwest) and flooding (mid-Atlantic), this is a minor inconvenience. We're happy and thankful the tornadoes did not make it across the Tennessee Valley.

Yesterday turned out to be such a gorgeous sunny spring day we grabbed the opportunity to take the boat out for a spin. And got several friends and a dog to come along for the ride.

a gorgeous sunny spring day at Lake Nickajack
Our adorable Simba enjoyed the ride

Beth's sister's RV at Marion County Park
view of the Marion Memorial Bridge from Marion County Park
When we returned to the marina, another delicious potluck dinner was awaiting us. Thank you Julie! After dinner, I fed the leftovers to the fish. I love watching the turtles. Several were around, and they even fought with the fish for the food!

Life is good on the river.

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  1. Living the life ! Simba is adorable ! Is it yours ? I want to get one for the kids, albeit a plush one : http://shop.gund.com/p/boo-the-worlds-cutest-dog.

    1. Grace,
      Yes, Simba is very cute.He's a pomeranian. He belongs to Debbie, our boat neighbor and walking buddy. We've taken him walking and hiking - Hiking a new trail at Raccoon Mountain

  2. That's good living