Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yes, you can. Build a boat yourself

With a plan from Glen-L.

We learned about the company several weeks ago when a group of people descended on our marina with their oh so cute little miniature boats. Apparently they built these boats themselves with blueprints from Glen-L!

How do you like this boat name - FastIdiots?

Not only do these talented people know how to build miniature boats, they also know how to party. We had fun chatting with some of them, and even met some boaters who used to cruise on bigger boats. And discovered that we were all docked on the St Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida around the same year. They were at the Ortega River Yacht Club while we were just around the corner, at Ortega River Boat Yard. We reminisced about our good old days on both Ortega River and the St Johns River. These people were so nice (aren't most boaters?) as to offer us a ride on their beautiful boat Beaujolais. We had a blast. Thank you Adam and Elaine!

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  1. I hear a lot of people really enjoyed your facility. The Glen-L community of boat builders are very friendly and helpful, as we are all Amateurs at the star.

    While there are certainly some smaller boats in the Glen-L community, there are also many, many full-sized boats, including 55ft sailboat designs. Pretty much every size and design you want, not just the cute little minatures.

  2. Just a note to tell you we all don't build the mini boats I am in the process of building a 29' house boat Glen-l has plans for world crusers and ocean going work boats as well but it is impossable for these larger builds to come to the gathers

  3. We are a pretty international community too. I'm building a Glen L 14 here in Ireland.

  4. Cute has little to do with some of them, too. I hit 92mph in my homebuilt boat last weekend! Some of them like to play rough!

  5. You folks are right - these boats are not only adorable, they are fun and fast! The Beaujolais we were on is a good size boat.