Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nashville under water

Yesterday, our boating buddies Ed and Joyce called from their boat One Love, currently docked at Oriental, North Carolina. We had met One Love at Jekyll Island, Georgia, and in the spring of 2003, cruised to The Abacos, Bahamas together. What an adventure and what wonderful memories! I had posted our trip's log and pictures on Yahoo! Geocities and written an article that was published in Latitutes and Attitudes, all of which had shuttered over the years (Like it or not, print is slooowly going away). I will try to post those stories, our awesome pictures and videos on this blog.
One Love, anchored at Tahiti Beach, Bahamas
While we were in the Abacos, Joyce had a schedule. Not a good thing for a cruiser when you are dependent on Mother Nature's whims. She's an avid country music fan, and she had bought tickets to Fan Fair, the CMA music festival held in Nashville every June. We were not in tune with music festivals, let alone Fan Fair. Anyhow, we now have to be back stateside in time for her to get to Nashville.

Fast forward seven years. Mai Thai is docked in Chattanooga, a mere 2 hours from Nashville. We actually met Joyce at Fan Fair two years ago, and had enjoyed it so much we went again the year after that. But with our upcoming move from the house, we won't be back in time for the CMA music festival. Joyce said the festival might be cancelled due to all the flooding.

CMA Festival on the riverfront (Cumberland River)
What flooding? Unbeknowst to us, Nashville was pounded with wicked storms that dumped 15 inches of rain over the weekend. The Cumberland River, which winds through the city overflowed its banks and flooded Nashville's historic downtown and other areas. We were so engrossed with BP's disastrous oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, the Times Square Bomb, the Greece debacle and the volcanic ash over the UK that we had no clue the flood, so close to our marina, was so severe. Fox News this evening reported a total of 18 deaths in Tennessee alone. Northeast of downtown, the Gaylord Opryland Hotel apparently evacuated their guests on Monday. The Grand Old Opry House and the Opry Mills Mall in the vicinity were all flooded as well. It is hard to imagine the damages done to this area (links to video coverage and pictures of the flood).

Clubs along Broadway, Nashville
Just ten days ago, I wrote Top 3 Bars in Nashville, TN for another shuttered Yahoo! site. One of them - Wildhorse Saloon - might be flooded, as we heard on the news that Second Ave is definitely flooded, We pray that people affected are safe and sound, and that their situation will get better soon. I leave with you with our good memories of Nashville.

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  2. This is a sad, sad situation indeed. Thanks for posting about this. More people need to be aware just how bad the flooding destruction is in Nashville.